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Basic Square Dance Moves

The Square   The Circle

The Square

A square is formed by four couples facing in, with the back of each couple parallel to a different wall in the hall. Depending on hall and space conditions, each couple is from seven to ten feet from the opposite couple. The lady is on the right of her gentleman.



The couples are numbered One, Two, Three, Four counterclockwise around the square starting with the couple whose backs are closest to the front of the hall and the caller. Head couples are One and Three; Side couples are One and Four. The lady directly to the man's right is his partner. The next lady to his right is known as his right hand lady. The lady accross the set from him is his opposite. The lady to his left is his corner, or left hand lady.


Circle Family

Starting Formation:   Two or more dancers a)circle left,   b)circle right. Dancers join hands to form a circle, face slightly right or left as directed, and move forward around the circle the distance directed. When right or left is not specified for a circle, it is a circle to the left.



Styling:  All dancers walk/dance forward with joined hands, men's palms up, ladie's palms down, elbows bent comfortably so that hands are above the elbow.
Timing:  Standing or Static Square 8 people, full around, 16 steps; three quarters, 12 steps; one half, 8 steps; one quarter, four steps.